Coach Julie Talks Life
Fireman Carry by Julie Beck

Coach Julie Talks Life

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Coach Julie talks Life!

The first time in my life that I picked up a pair of dumbbells was in 1979 and I was 15 years old. Freshman year this physical education class was called “Systematic Conditioning & Free Weight Training”.

I liked the intensity and control of focus and concentration that I experienced using my own mind while lifting weights. Life at home was externally intense and I could at least control my own internal intensity levels during my workouts. I have always had a great deal of natural energy. What I didn’t understand then was that it was mostly nervous energy.

For several years during and following high school, I tried to maintain my energy level maniacally at times, using hard drugs. I didn’t want to feel anymore than I was already experiencing. It was unfortunate, experiencing emotional overload and not having any life-tools to cope. Hitting the gym room though, pushing and sweating and pounding out some weights, I was able to leave some of my anger there. Later in the same day I might look for another way to buffer my emotions.

Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you this. That it is an absolute fact that growing up in a gym environment and lifting weights literally saved my life. So has music, I have found my confidence and passion for life through the love of music and people.

I have a voice

It’s been a long time since those dark years that I’ve looked to drugs to get me high because I found my voice. I have a voice. Singing rock and blues has been an adrenaline rush that no drug could possibly touch.

Performing on stage takes an incredible amount of energy. My beloved guitarist Erik Paulson once told me that I was like a caged lion. The way I moved across the floor, the stage just wasn’t big enough for me and all my energy. I had to remain in peak physical condition while I was performing regularly. After more that 15 years I have retired my “Hurricane Julie and The Aftermath” persona. It’s a struggle sometimes to continue working out with the same intensities!

Guiding others through life altering choices has helped me live.

I have chosen to share my beginnings with you despite the fact that I know I will be judged…harshly by some but forgiven by most for my honesty and my human-ness. Today I still experience issues and hard lessons but I also have dreams and desires. Since August of the year 1993 I have been a certified personal trainer. I consider it good fortune to have been able to pursue a career which enables me to use technical expertise as a fitness educator and life experience as a professional motivator.

Never was I a professional bodybuilder or have run a marathon. A martial arts background, a triathlon in Catalina, a Navy Seal competition and the Warrior Dash courses have been my competitive achievements. So what has motivated me all of these years to continue a healthy lifestyle?

VANITY. Straight up even after all of these years, I still care about the way that my clothes feel on my body. I like the way I feel strong both mentally and physically. As of this minute I totally believe that I am still a badass five foot ninja girl. I am feeling rather blessed that I am still here. I am still alive and am not going quietly, trust me. This is now one of my favorite hashtags that I use on social media: #fitover50.

Train your Mind.

Move your Body.

Being physically active helps your body remain young and even more important, your mind to stay alert and strong. I put that sentence in bold type because it is the very reason that I have chosen this as my sub-title to Warrior Up Fitness: Train your Mind. Move your Body.

Several years ago I began to practice a method of physical fitness called MovNat. It is by now an established fact that we are now more sedentary than ever before. It is rather startling how many of my clients have injured themselves by moving a piece of furniture or picking something up off the ground? Not to mention the basic human movement of lifting or reaching overhead can cause strain on an untrained body.

Over the years I have learned that helping others also helps me too. Fitness coaching gives me a sense of purpose and I feel my comfortable place in this world. I’ve chosen my way and I am living the life I want to live. Lucky me.

“…being buff just isn’t enough.”

I have experienced the joy of helping others reach their fitness goals and in the process, I have been humbled to see the changes in people as they strengthen their minds and bodies.  Technical knowledge is important and I create safe and time-efficient programs for people based on each individual’s needs. I’m in my 25th year of training. My experience means that I am able to address a multitude of physical issues, providing modifications with every program.

You may find it surprising that throughout these years people have come to me for many different reasons other than to lose weight. The single most common reason individuals become clients with me is to feel better.

I have trained single moms and dads with little time allotted for themselves and limited income in the family. These special individuals work hard for their family. It has been exhilarating to watch them change and come alive as they carve out time and prioritize their schedules to include time for themselves. They work incredibly hard, harder than most because the expenditure of both time and money means so much to them. I specialize in training husband-wife or partner-partner teams.

Want to feel better?

I have heard stories of divorce, separation, loss, wanting to change the past, wanting to create a different future. All of these reasons relate to creating a new self-image and self-acceptance of one’s current circumstances. Having trained people who are happy in marriages and partnerships for life, they feel the years going by, but also want to enjoy the future in the best health possible. For these reasons and more, I say that “being buff just isn’t enough” for most people.

Talk to any one of my clients, past or present, and they will tell you the truth about exercise. In their own words they share the differences that exercising has made in their quality of life. For some, it is losing weight and for others it is finding new mobility and balance after injury to the body. A complete one hundred percent of every-one agrees that they feel better. Whatever the reason for you, if you have been considering the benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle, I would love to hear from you. Please call me and we can discuss your health and fitness goals during a consultation in the fitness studio or online using a visual video call.

My newest program is strictly nutritional coaching and I am excited to go back to the basics here: 4 week Nutritional Bootcamp.

Here is a FREE simple 3 step plan to get started on a fitness program: Fitness Program | Simple 3 Steps


Owner/Warrior Up Fitness ®


Julie Beck (tinytrainer)

Julie can be found teaching exercise and healthy diet as a 25 year fitness veteran coach and trainer in Seal Beach, also coaching online-anywhere in the world. She is proudly ACE certified and teaches MovNat natural movement fitness as a L2 Trainer and Combatives Instructor. She is a 5'0" ninja girl and has been known to sing rock n’ roll songs out loud in public places.

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