Fitness Program | Simple 3 Steps

Fitness Program | Simple 3 Steps

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A Three Step Fitness Program

Are you new to fitness and need a little push (off the couch) to help you engage in physical activity on a regular basis? Because of the amount of scientific research, findings and advertising, it can be daunting to even begin a fitness program. One article says drink coffee before your workout, yet the next says it’s dangerous to drink coffee before your workout. Is it the same result or better, doing your cardio exercise fasting or with food before your workout?

There is mass confusion regarding the different types of fitness, nutrition and diet plans to create the leaner meaner you. Some examples are: high protein, low fat, no fat, no carbs, fasting, cleansing on and on and on…
You see what I mean?
Of course you do.

Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about your physical health or your fitness level for sometime? Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see? Most of all, we shouldn’t hate ourselves, it’s a very dark and low place for us. Either we learn to stop looking in the mirror or start exercising.

We were made for natural movements like; lifting and carrying and walking and balancing. It is time to get off the couch, out of our chairs, away from our electronics and social media.  Remember what the sun looks like?

If you have been thinking about beginning an exercise program, let’s motivate you past the “thinking” part to the “taking action”.

Here are my top three steps to first-time success with your fitness program:

1. DECIDE-commit to a program

2. DO-work your program

3. REVIEW-record and reassess

As we begin a new year it seems to be the perfect time to stop doing some things and begin doing others. Like stop eating so much and begin to exercise? During December workouts, many of our conversations included how our normal habits have changed because of the holidays. This is true of even me this year.

Somewhere around Halloween I began to reach for sweet little snacks a couple of times during the week. It was not but a couple of weeks and I found myself craving something sweet every night after dinner. Needless to say the sugar calories added up quickly and as a result, I now have a sugar addiction. I am an extra 5 pounds heavier than normal. Five pounds doesn’t sound like a big deal does it?

My problem is that I’m only 5’0” tall so I’ve just moved into another clothing size and I don’t want to buy new clothes.

Hence in sharing this with you, I want you to know that even the most seasoned and veteran exercise professional needs to routinely go back to the basics. In order to (re)create positive habits and choose to be healthy it’s back to the beginning. Now you should (by all rights) be asking me, “how are you doing with your exercise program Julie?” You are going to keep me accountable so “Thank You” kindly in advance.

If you know the how and why, you work hard.

Back to basics as it seems like the first six weeks of this year set the pace for the rest of the year. No one I know wants to get left behind. Therefore, I am sharing with you the easiest way to get started and get fit, eat healthy and feel better.

Feeling intimidated because you don’t know what you are doing is….get ready for it…NORMAL.
If you know the how and why, you work hard. Having both information and purpose, you are going to work your plan.

You have a desire to change, now what do you do?

Julie Beck (tinytrainer)

Julie can be found teaching exercise and healthy diet as a 25 year fitness veteran coach and trainer in Seal Beach, also coaching online-anywhere in the world. She is proudly ACE certified and teaches MovNat natural movement fitness as a L2 Trainer and Combatives Instructor. She is a 5'0" ninja girl and has been known to sing rock n’ roll songs out loud in public places.

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